Wholesale Page Rules

***Log into the website and create an account - you do not have to purchase immediately but an account needs to be created. Periodically we will do random checks if you don’t have an account then we will remove you from the group. With inactive members the algorithms are thrown off and other members can’t see our posts so please help us!
We have a $100 minimum spent per 6 months. This is checked periodically. If you have not met the minimum you will be removed from the group. We want to ensure we have an active group.
🌺To ensure your account is marked as tax exempt please email a copy of your sales tax exempt form to boutiquethehivewholesale@gmail.com otherwise you may be charged tax. We can always fix later with a refund but this will be a lot easier. We create an account with your name and email address and select tax exempt! Appreciate your help here 🌺
🌻You do not need to have a tax ID to have a login to the site - just know you may pay tax depending on your location. However, we are a page for boutique owners so at times full run purchase will supersede single purchases. We try to help all, the veteran boutique owners and the up and coming so please understand this.
🌼We will be adding new products essentially every other day if not everyday on web - we will do our best at also updating items here too so you are in the know! But the website is the source of truth!
🌸You can still order here on FB, please comment what you’d like sizes and quantities and include your email and zip on the image or post. DMing works too. But realize if it’s purchased off web prior to us invoicing you and you paying then the web person will get the item.
🌺Paying Invoices: Please pay your invoices ASAP. We do not guarantee the items will still be available if you do not pay your invoice as soon as possible. In Shopify the functionality of a “draft” email does not hold the inventory. We will do our absolutely best to save the items you’re invoiced for but please help by paying ASAP! Again, until paid - the items are not yours.
🌼Images: You may use any image on our website or posted here, please watermark the image prior to using with your own store name. IRL photos are yours to use, if the image is stock you can also use it but know I likely do not have the product in hand and or I just don’t have a model photo yet. IMPORTANT: If you order an item that has a stock photo, when we get the actual item in we will DM you a photo of the exact item - if it is not what you thought it would be we will refund you no questions asked. You have 24 hours to respond to cancel or your order will be shipped without a refund. If you order an item that has an IRL photo you will not be refunded as we have shown the actual item. We try to only sell items we physically have seen and know what the quality is but at times the time it takes to get a sample and then offer it RTS takes too long for you all so we do our best to balance this to ensure we support you all the best way we can
🌸Product Material: We will do our best at posting the product material in the listing of the product on our website
🌺Shipping: Actual shipping is the amount charged to you when you purchase from us. This is based off of product weight and bag cost. We will ship the cheapest but fastest route. We charge $1 extra per order to cover for bag, tape, labels, etc. this is auto set.
🌻RTS: Ready to Ship - We have the inventory on hand. We will ship within 2-3 business days unless we’ve communicated a shipping delay
🌼Pre Order: TAT approx 2 weeks - sometimes pre order TAT is less than 2 weeks but we put pre order so you know it will not ship immediately. If you order a pre order item we will immediately order your item unless we state there is a closing date and time. When we get the item we will turn in 2 business days or less unless otherwise communicated. If you your pre order item shipped separate than your RTS that’s fine we will add another shipping charge just let us know.
🌸Running: you’re welcome to run anything you wish however the inventory is NOT guaranteed unless you have an invoice and you’ve paid for it. Just because you have an draft invoice doesn’t mean it holds the inventory. It needs to be paid for to have the inventory claimed as yours. Again, run anything you’d like but please put a disclaimer to your group saying not guaranteed until distributor approves or something similar. “Run at your own risk”
🌺Shipping Time: We turn everything that is RTS within 2-3 business days unless otherwise stated, after that it is dependent on USPS or UPS – tracking will be provided. UPS does not allow shipment to PO Boxes via Shopify.
🌻Graphic Tees: If stated RTS we are making those items in house or have the product on hand already, we have a number of blanks so graphic tees can be made on almost any color of Tee. We use Bella Canvas, Anvil or Tultex unless otherwise stated. If by chance we do not have the color of Tee you request we will need to order which usually does not take long - we will communicate this to you.
🌼Suggested Retail Price: You’re welcome to ask us what we sell it for on our retail page if you wish! The compare at price loaded on web is likely retail suggested price.
🌸Drop Shipping: We offer dropship, just ensure you specify in notes just so we are aware it’s a drop ship order. We will not place anything in the bag besides the product ordered, we don’t normally anyways. The return address will have “warehouse”– and our shipping address - there is no way around this. If you want to drop ship, ensure you put the customers name and address in the shipping area & ensure there are comments in the order.
🌺Returns or Refunds: We do not offer returns or refunds. If there is a major issue please contact us otherwise no returns or refunds
🌻Be respectful to one another - we are all here to grow our businesses so let’s share and help too!
🌼Any feedback you have please DM me, We love getting product feedback or ship time feedback (especially positive but if negative we can then have the opportunity to address - which is appreciated). We have an album we will screen shot the feedback and post it in there for others to see. We also love seeing photos of our product so send them our way and if we can share them please let us know!
🌸We offer synclogic - please see the synclogic post in the announcements on our facebook page for more information. 
🌺Questions/Comments: Please let us know! If you are looking for something specific or want us to carry something, please comment on the post in announcements for this.

If you have not already, join our wholesale facebook group! https://www.facebook.com/groups/thehivewholesale